Having What You Want With a Man

 March 2018

The Having What You Want with a Man Weekend could be the most important gift you ever give yourself. It is possible to find everything you are looking for in a relationship . . .

Constellation Weekend

Family Systems Constellation Weekend

April 29 & 30 2017

Join us for this extraordinary opportunity to see and understand the water you swim in and release yourself from deep wounds that might shroud your magnificence. This is a profound and moving experience. 



A Powerful Woman


NEW - 26 Weeks to Love


The Life Works Course on Finding Him

Today is the opportunity to choose. You can change the course of your life, no matter your age or how long you have been single. You can take action to have the relationship you want with a man. You can make a commitment to yourself to do what it takes for your own happiness.

What We’ve Written

How to Be Cherished: A Guide to Having the Love You Desire

Proven techniques that keep the fires of love blazing. It’s easier than you think!


How to Be Cherished

This course will reassure and show you how you can have a luscious relationship again . . . and it can be even better than before.


Vital Aging Retreat - November 17 - 19. 2017

A new, large and original retreat on how to age gracefully by learning how to enjoy, even thrive, in our later decades.

What We’ve Written

There Is NO PRINCE And Other Truths Your Mother Never Told You

Discover what hidden conversations and patterns are keeping you from having the love you want.


Evolving - March 18, 2017

We will look over the edge of human development, create new distinctions and observations, experiment with the possibilities we may be missing in our lives and break through to new levels of wisdom, peace and manifestation of our authentic selves.

The Gathering - The Natural Power of Being a Woman

Next Trimester Begins June 27, 2017!

A place each week to be authentically, fully who you are is one of the joys of being a member of Life Works’ ongoing, mostly weekly, The Natural Power of Being a Woman~The Gathering.

What We’ve Written

The Female Power Within

This how-to manual helps women rediscover the perceptions, patterns, pleasures, and power of being female. 

Free book available for a short time. Click here.


The Practice of Shamanism

“I was always attracted to Shamanism but very involved in the work of Life Works and my private practice. Entering my wisdom years I wanted to learn more about the deeper issues of life” . . .

Our Retreats

Retreats Overview

At Life Works our goal is to release women from the limitations they have lived under for perhaps generations. Women’s place in history now gives us an opening to become our full and potential selves. The world needs our compassion, our vision and our nurturing.

The Life Works! Weekend

Coming soon!

The Life Works! Weekend

Through pre-workshop questions, participation in small groups and lively discussion, you’ll uncover the direction you would like your life to take. 


The Evolving Nature
of Being Human

Want life to be different? Filled with more possibility and aliveness? Joy and peace? Love and cherishing? Evolving shows you how to quiet your mind and clear space for an authentic self to emerge.

MAKE PLANS - 2017 & 2018

 Spring and Summer 2017

April 29 & 30 Relationship Constellations Weekend  


The Money Work$hop

October 26 & 27, 2017

We will guide you to see deeply into what motivates you about money while finding behaviors to reinforce and others to shift or abandon.


Success Stories and Pictures

Since you are reading this page, there is a good chance you are looking for us. If you feel that is so, do not let the pull of your current life keep you from coming forward into the light that has always been waiting for you. 

Individual Sessions

Have Your Own Guidess!

Guidesses have completed a three-year+ training program and are prepared to personally assist you in moving toward what you want by providing weekly support or giving . . .

For You and Yours

Gifts from Our Library

Come here often when you want a relaxing meditation, a video to give you something to think about anew, excerpts from our books and courses or previews of new ideas.

Success Stories

We Chime in to Testify!

Life Works alumni tell their stories.


Learning at a Distance

Now you can move forward from your sofa, office or anywhere you can get a WIFI connection. 


Creating a Sacred Relationship with Yourself

“You will attract wonderful empowering experience, people and circumstances in a way you were not able to before.”